Dr Tom

Tom graduated with honours in Veterinary Science from the Uni of Qld in 2013.  When asked what his favourite part of being a vet is, Tom said “it is the special bond I get to be a part of and help nurture between pets and their owners.  That’s where the inspiration for the name ‘Happy Pets’ came from, the devotion to making every pet happy”.

His journey since graduation has taken him back to Rockhampton (where he grew up) to practice his new graduate years before making the move to London where he continued his work as a vet treating all creatures great and small.

Tom is a tragic fan of all things Queensland Reds.   He is absolutely besotted with his little French Bulldog Lacey “The Piglet” that he and his wife took in and patched up.  He lives in Camp Hill with his family and loves being part of all things local.