Our services

We take care of all your veterinary needs

Our Services

The Happy Pets Family Vet clinic is equipped to look after your pets, no matter what healthcare issue may arise. We can assist you with education, advice and care to ensure your pet has the happiest and healthiest life possible.


The Happy Pets Family Vet Clinic is equipped with a full range of medical facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of dogs and cats and will work with you to provide the best pet care for your furry friend.


This includes Vaccinations, Health Checks, Routine Desexing, Dental Procedures and Dental & Diagnostic X-rays, Emergency Care, In-House Pathology, and Surgery.

B1G1: Business for Good

Logo of B1G1: Business for Good

Happy Pets Family Vet is a proud member of the B1G1 business community. B1G1 is a global group of businesses that focus and celebrate daily business by giving back to communities and highly deserving projects around the world.
It makes us happy to have been able to contribute to projects such as providing safe clean drinking water to people in Malawi and donating shoes to Leprosy sufferers in India. We are constantly updating the projects we are contributing to and we feel good doing it!

We are also happy and proud to have been able to support some of the community closer to home. To date we have supported the Villanova College ladies day luncheon and Easts Rugby Union.